Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rei at Age of Wulin #3

Yes, that's my character in the Chinese version of Age of Wulin. I don't play there anymore. If you see my login, that isn't me.

Okie.. this is going to be a short post. In the Age of Wulin world, it's same as our real world. Our character will also get hungry... Ehhh!? o.O???  hahaha~~~

You need to find food to keep the energy level up. You can get seeds to plant your own crop and cook it. You can go fishing. You can buy it from someone else. You can be a beggar to beg for food... hahaha~~

Picture above you can see I bought some seeds and planting my own crop. Once the baby seeds grow up to become a big plant you can pluck it. Then you can get your stove out and ready for cooking.

Of course before you can cook you need to go get your cooking utensils from the chef.
I don't have a screenshot of that with me as I have deleted many from my pc *stupid me*. Once the English version is out, I will cover everything from the start.

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