Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rei at Age of Wulin #8

I have finished my quest for the day. But I'm too tired to do voice recording for it. So I thought I'd do something more light and fun.

Have you noticed these characters in the video when you are in the game? Sometimes we are too busy trying to figure out the games until we forget to notice the nice characters the developer set in the game.

They all look pretty cool... I think... hahahaha....

Have you met them??? ....  o.O???


  1. You are right. We have to enjoy those little things that make the game beautiful. I like to explore and find places with a nice view. If I find anything, I'll post a pic >_< (like the E Mei girls?).
    If you find a nice place then do share it with us ^-^


    1. lmao~~~.. I haven't got time to check out eMei yet.
      Next video may be I will work on sect joining

    2. You are a very busy person, aren't you? .__."

      I am planning to become a chef.. and make 400 buns.. then I'll forget chef skills and become an apothecary =D

      Not sure if it will work out -.-"

    3. I wanna be a trader in this game once Age of Wulin is out. My friend from CN will join me since he already has experience on what to do... I will see you in game when English version is out hehehe

    4. I hope you have seen seraph's and chaose5's other guides as well: